Friday, May 21, 2010

Philosophy "Have A Cherry Christmas"

Back in December I had won a prize from this site I visit regularly. It was Philosophy Have A Cherry Christmas. So when it arrived in the mail, I got it and went straight to the shower. This product is a high foaming shampoo, bubble bath, and shower gel all in one. It does not have a fake cherry scent. It is the color of a real cherry and has the scent of one as well. I was very pleased with this product. When used as a shampoo it lathers really well and makes hair feel super soft and your hair will have the amazing lingering scent of a bunch of cherries. When used as shower gel, it softens the skin to a lovely extent. And if you want to pull back your hair and relax in a soothing bubble bath, use this product. Not only will your spirits be lifted by the delightful aroma in the air, but you will be able to let all your worries fade while enjoying the pink bubbles from the gel. If you are considering trying a new shampoo, shower gel, or bubble bath, why not try all three in one. It is totally worth it, and if you are like me and are obsessed with cherry scent, you will not regret getting this.

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