Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coupon Binderz Exclusive Promo Code

Couponing, it's the way of the world these days if your looking to save a dollar or two. You see people doing it everywhere. In the grocery store, TV, and lots more places. I've walked into the closest Publix here and seen moms with binders for high school students, filled with baseball card pocket sheets, and they we're so sloppy they would be dropping coupons on the floor. It was quite sad. They would have their kids scurrying across the floor to pick them up. Then on top of that, their binders won't close because their coupons are stacked on top of one another and it makes a mess. 

Solution to this:


  • **24 Avery Two-Pocket Plastic Dividers  
  • **24 front and back typed categories for divider tabs + 20 blank tabs
  • Front page category table of contents with sheet protector
  • **50 (9) Professional Pocket Coupon Protector Sheets*
  • **10 (3) Pocket horizontal pouches which hold almost any size coupon, Register Rewards, Catalinas, etc.* 
  • **15 (6) Pocket pouches which hold long coupons so you don't have to fold them and not see the expiration date.* 
  • 4 Page "Clipperz Pad".  Set your coupons on color-coded pads as you clip them, then easily insert them into the co-ordinating divider tab when finished.
  • **Slice Coupon Cutter to quickly slice your coupons 
  • *ALL Pocket pouches to hold coupons in are made by BCW, the most sturdy and best brand!
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Fall Is Here!

Well, the title says it all, fall has arrived here in the Heart of Dixie. After the spring and summer we had, I thought it would never come. I'm not complaining though, I'm enjoying it, what about you? Temperatures went from highs of 95 and lows of 75 to highs of 80 and lows of 45, and quite frankly I love it. In addition to the temperatures, it's raining outside as I'm typing this. It has not rained here since August 4! It's awful...but it's about time we got some of the mysterious wet stuff that falls from the sky. Don't get me wrong, I love fall and most of what comes with it, but I absolutely hate when the owners of the pasture across the road determine to ruin the week by bush hogging. Know what this does to The Prissy Redneck? It gives her terrible allergy problems. The one thing I hate more than anything in this world. I wake up snottified, can't breathe because of it, my eyes will water this sticky junk, looks like I woke up balling my eyes out. It hasn't kicked in just yet. Maybe it'll hold off, or won't happen. If it don't I might just avoid the outdoors for about a week.

The trees are changing. Excuse my nasty window. I'll clean it here shortly.

Storm windows make for crappy pictures. Don't ever get them if you like taking photos through the window.

Happy Trails!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nair Hair Removal Cream Review

Nair, said to be the quickest, easiest way to remove hair from the legs and body without shaving. If you're like me, you seen the commercials and thought, "Hey! I need that". Well let me in on some secrets about the "best hair removal cream out there". 

Sensitive Skin. If you have a problem with your skin getting irritated easily, or it's just sensitive to some ingredients in certain things, DO NOT use this product! I used this only twice. My skin, it's sensitive to some products, this is definitely one of them. It turned my leg blood red, it had bumps pop up, and it itched for about an hour. Had to be the worst experience with any kind of lotion like substance I have ever had. 

In A Hurry. If you're in a rush, don't use this. It doesn't work. I left mine on for the recommended 3 minutes on one leg, and the hair was still there. Left it on for 6 minutes on the other, nothing. It's quite sad that it doesn't work at all. I find it a big waste of money. It don't work and leaves your legs looking horrendous. 

Before you waste your time, just shave. It's a lot better than this. Trust me. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Been Awhile

Sorry it's been awhile everyone. The last 5 months have been really hard. Don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain.

April 27, 2011. 

The local meteorologist had been predicting tornadic weather for our area for the last week. If you watched The Weather Channel, Dr. Forbes had Northern Alabama under a Torcon (tornado possibility) of 9/10. We woke the morning to sirens at 4:30 AM. We found that we were under a tornado warning, meaning there was a strong storm capable of producing a tornado moving into our area. It thankfully did not develop a tornado. We visited the storm shelter at my grandmothers quite a few times throughout that day. Later that afternoon, 4:05 PM, there was a tornado, 1/4 mile long down, on the ground, in Phil Campbell, AL. Coming straight for us. We arrived at my grandparent's home 1/2 mile down the road. It was me, my sisters, my parents, aunt, uncle, cousin, and my grandparents. At approximately 4:14 PM, a 1/2 mile wedge tornado came right over our heads. It took my dad, uncle, and grandfather to hold the shelter door closed so it didn't blow open and suck any of us out of it. We knew it was about to hit, just minutes before it did so, we were all looking out the shelter door and seen a debri cloud out in the soybean field. As soon as the door closed, the pressure changed as it came over, everyones ears popped hard. It was quite painful. It really does resemble the sound of a train when a tornado comes over head. We walked out of the storm shelter after the twister had passed to find this. Devastation filled the area. Many homes were leveled. Ours, the roof got blown off.

That was a double wide, bricked in home. My grandparents' home of 40 years. Destroyed in a matter of seconds. We later discovered the twister was an EF 5 with winds around 216 mph. I never knew the damage a tornado could do, but witnessing it first hand isn't something I want to go through ever again. Upon coming out of the shelter, I heard a whimper, my grandmother was crying as she had lost everything she had worked for over a course of 40 years. About 30 feet down the road, an older couple was caught in the midst of the twister, and it threw their S-10 truck over into the woods, and ejected the wife out. Luckily she was fine, just a minor gash in her head. Personally, I'd rather gain a gash than lose my life. 

We lived in a camper for 3 months. 5 people crammed in a 32 ft. camper. We finally bought a new home last month. We lost a lot, but yet we gained a lot also. If you'd like more details or would like to contact me, email me at reviewsandfreebies@hotmail.com

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great Deals!

It's been awhile, but I thought I'd catch up. I have been scouting online for all of you some great deals, and sales. I have ran across several. Be sure to check them out.

Maurices - Clothing and Accessory Store - Red Sale - All Items On This Sale Are Up To 40% Off.

Old Navy - Clothing - 4th Of July Sale - Starting As Low As $3.99.

Sears - Clothing - Indepence Day Big Sale - Up To 50% Off Select Clothing Items.

Zales - Jewelry - Clearance - Up To 70% Off + Additional 30% Off.

Kays - Jewelry - Clearance - 40% to 60% Off.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What A Disaster!

Today was a disaster. I got up this morning to go run errands, and where I was going, is no place to look shabby. So, I went to grab up my purse, and I realized, it's messy and torn. I went digging throughout the whole closet for another, and remembered, I sold everyone of my good purses! Why did I do that? No idea. Now, I have to go online, probably to look for my favorite Juicy Couture purses
I'm stuck on which one to choose though. Their whole selection is amazing, in my opinion. I'm thinking something simple, yet gives the room a little pop. Shopping for purses is a pain in the butt, for me, always. Especially when I have alot of cash, and I'm out in the mall. Instead of I'll have this one, let's go, it's more like, "I like this one, and that one, can't I just have them all!" Everyone hates shopping with me, because I will literately spend the whole day looking in one store at just clothes, or just purses. I find it really hilarious, personally. They on the other hand, don't find it so funny. Seriously, I am thinking of buying this Aldo McGrain purse. Yeah, look at it, and you'll think I am totally insane. Nope, I'm not. I have Indian in my blood, and things like that, I must have! Call me, nutty, I don't mind. I've been sitting here looking through all of their selections, and I'm definitely drooling a river over these! What's your favorite color for a purse? Personally, I love bright neon colored purses or totes. I've always thought the bigger the purse, the more class. That doesn't go for most, but it seems to be one of my life motto's. 
They have tons more designs and colors that you could ever imagine. Only get a certain brand, like BCBG? They have pages and pages of Max Azria's handbags. Picking out purses, for me, it a real task, but shopping for them online at Zappos is so much easier. They are by far the best priced online store there is. Go check them out, you might just like them.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Time to part ways

I am so upset tonight. I had to part ways with my little love, Zeus. It broke my heart to see him go, and I had to hold it together in front of the lady to keep from looking like a total idiot. I have spent the last 3 1/2 years with Zeus, and I never thought I would have to do this. But we are possibly moving into an apartment, and we can not afford a $350 pet deposit to have him go. Crimson is so lost without Zeus. She has been with Zeus since she was 9 weeks old, and she doesn't know what to do without him. It hurts me about as much as it hurts Crimson.  I had planned on keeping him until his final days, but I guess things change. But I will always love Zeus Monkey, and will always have him in my heart!