Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What A Disaster!

Today was a disaster. I got up this morning to go run errands, and where I was going, is no place to look shabby. So, I went to grab up my purse, and I realized, it's messy and torn. I went digging throughout the whole closet for another, and remembered, I sold everyone of my good purses! Why did I do that? No idea. Now, I have to go online, probably to look for my favorite Juicy Couture purses
I'm stuck on which one to choose though. Their whole selection is amazing, in my opinion. I'm thinking something simple, yet gives the room a little pop. Shopping for purses is a pain in the butt, for me, always. Especially when I have alot of cash, and I'm out in the mall. Instead of I'll have this one, let's go, it's more like, "I like this one, and that one, can't I just have them all!" Everyone hates shopping with me, because I will literately spend the whole day looking in one store at just clothes, or just purses. I find it really hilarious, personally. They on the other hand, don't find it so funny. Seriously, I am thinking of buying this Aldo McGrain purse. Yeah, look at it, and you'll think I am totally insane. Nope, I'm not. I have Indian in my blood, and things like that, I must have! Call me, nutty, I don't mind. I've been sitting here looking through all of their selections, and I'm definitely drooling a river over these! What's your favorite color for a purse? Personally, I love bright neon colored purses or totes. I've always thought the bigger the purse, the more class. That doesn't go for most, but it seems to be one of my life motto's. 
They have tons more designs and colors that you could ever imagine. Only get a certain brand, like BCBG? They have pages and pages of Max Azria's handbags. Picking out purses, for me, it a real task, but shopping for them online at Zappos is so much easier. They are by far the best priced online store there is. Go check them out, you might just like them.

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