Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coupon Binderz Exclusive Promo Code

Couponing, it's the way of the world these days if your looking to save a dollar or two. You see people doing it everywhere. In the grocery store, TV, and lots more places. I've walked into the closest Publix here and seen moms with binders for high school students, filled with baseball card pocket sheets, and they we're so sloppy they would be dropping coupons on the floor. It was quite sad. They would have their kids scurrying across the floor to pick them up. Then on top of that, their binders won't close because their coupons are stacked on top of one another and it makes a mess. 

Solution to this:


  • **24 Avery Two-Pocket Plastic Dividers  
  • **24 front and back typed categories for divider tabs + 20 blank tabs
  • Front page category table of contents with sheet protector
  • **50 (9) Professional Pocket Coupon Protector Sheets*
  • **10 (3) Pocket horizontal pouches which hold almost any size coupon, Register Rewards, Catalinas, etc.* 
  • **15 (6) Pocket pouches which hold long coupons so you don't have to fold them and not see the expiration date.* 
  • 4 Page "Clipperz Pad".  Set your coupons on color-coded pads as you clip them, then easily insert them into the co-ordinating divider tab when finished.
  • **Slice Coupon Cutter to quickly slice your coupons 
  • *ALL Pocket pouches to hold coupons in are made by BCW, the most sturdy and best brand!
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Price: $49 (+ $10 Shipping)


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