Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Been Awhile

Sorry it's been awhile everyone. The last 5 months have been really hard. Don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain.

April 27, 2011. 

The local meteorologist had been predicting tornadic weather for our area for the last week. If you watched The Weather Channel, Dr. Forbes had Northern Alabama under a Torcon (tornado possibility) of 9/10. We woke the morning to sirens at 4:30 AM. We found that we were under a tornado warning, meaning there was a strong storm capable of producing a tornado moving into our area. It thankfully did not develop a tornado. We visited the storm shelter at my grandmothers quite a few times throughout that day. Later that afternoon, 4:05 PM, there was a tornado, 1/4 mile long down, on the ground, in Phil Campbell, AL. Coming straight for us. We arrived at my grandparent's home 1/2 mile down the road. It was me, my sisters, my parents, aunt, uncle, cousin, and my grandparents. At approximately 4:14 PM, a 1/2 mile wedge tornado came right over our heads. It took my dad, uncle, and grandfather to hold the shelter door closed so it didn't blow open and suck any of us out of it. We knew it was about to hit, just minutes before it did so, we were all looking out the shelter door and seen a debri cloud out in the soybean field. As soon as the door closed, the pressure changed as it came over, everyones ears popped hard. It was quite painful. It really does resemble the sound of a train when a tornado comes over head. We walked out of the storm shelter after the twister had passed to find this. Devastation filled the area. Many homes were leveled. Ours, the roof got blown off.

That was a double wide, bricked in home. My grandparents' home of 40 years. Destroyed in a matter of seconds. We later discovered the twister was an EF 5 with winds around 216 mph. I never knew the damage a tornado could do, but witnessing it first hand isn't something I want to go through ever again. Upon coming out of the shelter, I heard a whimper, my grandmother was crying as she had lost everything she had worked for over a course of 40 years. About 30 feet down the road, an older couple was caught in the midst of the twister, and it threw their S-10 truck over into the woods, and ejected the wife out. Luckily she was fine, just a minor gash in her head. Personally, I'd rather gain a gash than lose my life. 

We lived in a camper for 3 months. 5 people crammed in a 32 ft. camper. We finally bought a new home last month. We lost a lot, but yet we gained a lot also. If you'd like more details or would like to contact me, email me at

Thanks for reading!

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