Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Princess Tator Tot Hair Bows Review

One day I was looking for someone with some bows, I love a cute bow. And I ran across Princess Tator Tot Hair Bows and fell in love with their products. They make bows and bow holders also. They offered to send a flower clippie on a headband for a review. I received it the other day and it was so adorable! They sent a pink flower clippie clipped on a white headband, which was so cute. I let my youngest sister have it, and I had it sent here in her name. She was ecstatic to see that the box had her name on it. She opened it and with her being only 8 she was talking about how pretty it was. And goodness after I put it on her, she would not take it off for a million dollars. I got her to model her head for this picture of the headband w/ clippie.

This is what it looks like, cute huh? They sell all their products for a good cheap reasonable price that can't be beat! They do not have a website, but I linked their name in this post to their facebook. Feel free to add them as a friend and buy one of their wonderful products.

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