Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another One Of Those Days

Today has been another one of those days. It's hot during the day so I didn't want to go outside, and in the evening when it is cooler out, the mosquitos are a mess. We live beside a big lot of wooded area, which surrounds the back and one side of our yard and the bugs are annoying to the point I don't even want to walk outside to have to fight them off. So I sit in here, in my bedroom on my pc just waiting on something to keep me busy. I have made a banner just for the heck of it, and made a logo for Twin Click Photography. Also, I finished up a review. I am hoping I get more things in the mail tomorrow to review. And while in the midst of it all, I have managed to pay attention to one of the two police scanners in this house. If you don't listen to them, you should, it is hilarious. Especially here in Little Nowhere. People are truely stupid around here. If only you heard half the things I do on there you would find it hysterical also.

Tomorrow evening I need to go outside and let the dogs out of the pen, and run from the mental dog LOL. Crimson is truely a mental nutcase. I have seen her take off running wide open from one side of the pen, and SMACK she is bunched up like an accordian against the other side. And she sleeps beside her food and water with her foot in her food and her head in the water. Yes, I agree. Not the smartest dog out there. Then there is my precious little fuzz ball Zeus. He only weighs five pounds so he is small. He loves Crimson to death and they whine when they are seperated. Seperation issues? I think so! But he is a yorkie also, and he acts like a big dog. He is a hoot to watch.

So I have all that stuff done and to do, so I am going to be super busy. Be back tomorrow. Good Night Fellow Bloggers.

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