Friday, May 28, 2010

Belly Charms Review

Today I went out to check the mail and seen a small package from Belly Charms. I walked inside to see what would lie inside the mystery package. I opened it and found some beautiful small peace sign earrings. I love peace signs so I absolutely feel in love with them. And the earrings was in a small, but elegant little mesh like bag. So cute!

They don't have just earrings. They carry maternity belly button rings, vital ID bracelets, personalized mothers bracklets and anklets, flexible belly button rings and more.

The owner of Belly Charms, Sonya, her sister found out a little while ago she has a brain tumor the size of a lemon. The doctors told her the real battle began when they done surgery and removed most of the tumor, and when the results on the tumor came back on whether or not it was malignant, they were all devistated to hear it was indeed malignant. Sandi is focusing on getting her life back on track instead of worrying about what may happen. If you would like to donate any amount of money to her fund, Sonya and Sandi would greatly appreciate it. All funds will help Sandi and her husband cover the expenses from the surgery.

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