Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hectic Day In The Big City

Well yesterday was very hectic for me, I went to Florence with a friend. We ate some delicious mexican food, and went to the mall. Wow, that was only my 2nd time being there and I do not remember it being so big the first time. It had everything, an outdoors store, Claire's, Rue 21, Belk, JCPennys. Sears, Spencers, American Eagle, Aerpostale, Victorias Secret, and like 20 something more stores. When we got there the parking lot was packed, and I knew it was going to be a frenzy when we walked through the door. She was spotting cute guys, but I wasn't worried about them because of two measely reasons: 1) I have a boyfriend, and 2) I was ready to shop til I dropped. I had only $10, sad I know. So I bought me a gorgeous tanktop from Rue 21 for $3! They were having a sale. Then I bought me this cool little bracelet, the straps are pink zebra stripes, and they are holding a peace sign in the middle. Oh and I can forget the 15 inscent candles I bought from Romancing The Stone. Overall it was a very fun and time passing day.

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