Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bottle Cap Necklace Lovers

So I got this review and knew exactly what to do. All Things Sweet And Sassy sent me a bottle cap necklace to review. And  my sister had been talking about wanting one made sometime with, "I'm With CoCo" on it. She is a huge Conan O'Brien supporter. She loved his show and is anticipating his return when his new show airs on TBS. So I knew this was the perfect opportunity. I got ATSAS to make her one with it on it. When it arrived in the mail, she was still asleep so I thought I would give her a perfect surprise with it, and I did. I walked into our room, and said, "Steph something came in the mail for you." Her eyes popped open and I gave it to her, she went ecstatic! She hasn't taken it off yet. LOL.

Awesome huh? LOL. For all you bottle cap needs, bows, tutus, and more contact her!

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