Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SoftLips, my new favorite!

Have you ever been shopping for lipgloss and haven't found anything that is what your wanting? Well have no fear Softlips are here! I received a box full of their whole new line, and I tell you what, it is the best I've ever tried. It makes my lips moist and soft while leaving a beautiful glossy look on them. It is hard for me not to stare at myself in the mirror. My lips are so appealing, well to me anyways. And I got all this in the package: lip polish (coconut scented), a clear lipgloss (berry/vanilla scented), natural lip tinter and lipgloss (natural honesty), lipgloss and lip tint (coral charm), and one more tint and lipgloss (shell pink). They all smell fantastic. They make my lips tingle a little and I love it! I wear it when I go anywhere. Heres a pic to share:

One is missing in the picture because my sister ripped it open before I could get the picture.
If you want something absolutely fantastic for your lips, buy Softlips!

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