Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eye Love Ozzy Dog Treats Giveaway

There is a SAHM who one day, her and her family was looking for a pet to love, and ended up at the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue in Michigan, on Mother's Day 2010. They ran across an adorable boston terrier on MWBTR website, Ozzy, who needed a home, and they knew he was the one for them. He had already had one eye removed, because he was abused before he was brought to the rescue, and the eye was removed because it had became ulcerated. They got him home and discover something was wrong with his other eye. Erica and her family took him to the vet and after 2 visits, the vet diagnosed him with an ulcer in his eye, again. This was bad news for the family, so they took him to a doggie ophthalmologist. They were told their would be many visits ahead, including cataract surgery. He has to have cataract surgery because the vet thinks his melting ulcer was caused by the disturbing and most likely painful cataract on Ozzy's eye. The cost of the surgery is going to cost them $4,000, if they want to save the eye, in which they do. And so Erica started making home made dog treats to sell to raise the money for Ozzy's operation.

This is a picture of Ozzy, look at the damage the ulcer has already caused.

Erica makes lots of treats, some frosted, some not. Depends on how you want them. She uses products in the treats that are 100% pet safe.

She name her company, Eye Love Ozzy.
And in an effort to get this out so those of you who can buy from her will see, she is letting me giveaway some of the treats. Winner decides if they want them frosted or not. The frosting is a yogurt frosting made especially for dogs, and there is absolutely NO chocolate in these treats at all.

Here's what the treats look like.

Here's what you can win!

Winner will receive 100 treats from Eye Love Ozzy
You can make all frosted, all not, or half of each.

How you can enter to win:

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