Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Helpful Summer Tip for All Pet Owners

How To Keep Your Dog Cool Outside

I know there are alot of you dog owners, who in this hot summer heat, always ask yourself, how can I keep him/her cool? Well here is a few tips on how to keep them cool.

* Never put a dog who has been in the heat all day in cold water, with the fast cool down it can cause your dog to have a heart attack.

* Keep your dog in as much shade as possible, if left in the sun, the extreme heat will start
to put a strain on their heart, making it likely for a heat stroke.

* Do not leave your dog outside in the sun or shade without water, if done so, this can cause
your dog to dehydrate and can lead to death.

* If your dog has long, thick, shaggy hair, go to your local pet shop and buy some dog hair
clippers, and shave their hair down to where there is only about 1 1/4 hair left on them.

* Most dogs aren't bred to handle extreme heat, so if possible, bring your dog in for the daytime, and if you want, they should be ok to go out at night.

Summer Flea And Tick Prevention & Tips

* Use flea and tick prevention to use on your dog and to mist your yard with. In heat, fleas multiply faster than when it is cool, so it makes it more harsh on your dog. And ticks will get more blood thirsty and more will latch onto your dogs skin, than normal.

* When pulling a tick off your dog, be sure to take your nails and get them under the ticks head, or you will just pull the body off, and the tick will still be on, which makes it more likely for your dog to contract Lyme Disease.

* To keep your outside dogs flea and tick free, put a couple of drops of Vinegar in their water, and when they sweat it out, it keeps the fleas and ticks off, and whats already on them will taste the vinegar in the blood and release.

Well thats all for now, be sure to come back next Tuesday for more tips!

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