Monday, June 21, 2010

Helpful Summer Tips For All Pet Owners, Tuesday

Helpful Summer Tips For All Pet Owners Tuesdays, Starting Tomorrow At Noon Central Time.

As you all know this year has been an unusually hot one as far as the temperature outside goes. I came up with this idea because I have two dogs, Zeus who is an indoor dog, but he still gets extremely hot, and Crimson, she is an outside dog who can't come in because of her huge size and her not having house manners. I am, just like every other pet owner, looking for ways to keep them cool this summer. I have seen many items online to help keep the cool, but I want to know what is your cheapest and easiest way of keeping your pet from over heating. Every Tuesday, I will post an item I have received or used in the past and tell how and if it helped keep them cool. And for puppy boutique owners with something that relates to this, I would love to do a review on it for this, to help out others. If you have something you have that did/didn't help, be sure to join in on this and post why it did or did not help so we will know what to buy or beware of buying for our pets. Please leave your name and blog URL if you are planning on joining in.

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