Monday, June 21, 2010

Bethy's Bowtique

Yep, as you all thought, its another bow review! So this beautiful bow comes from Bethy's Bowtique, a boutique located in Florida. When the bow was shipped to me, I received it super fast. She can make bows any size, color, or whatever you want. Don't be afraid to ask about a custom order, because she will do it in a heart beat. She is one of the nicest boutique owners I have ever met. She gets to work on what you order right away and will have it in your mailbox in no time. It took I believe 3-4 days for me to receive mine, and I absolutely was amazed by how beautiful it was. And I know you will be too!

This bow is one of the most adorable bows I have ever laid eyes on!
Get This Exact Bow From Bethy's For Only $5.00!

Before you buy anywhere else, check out Bethy's Bowtique first!


  1. Thanks for posting this review!! You are completely sweet even tho it got squashed! <3

  2. I tried to check out her bowtigue but it was just her facebook page.

  3. Thats all she has right now is a FB boutique, check the photos tab for pics